Theme Parks and Activities

Theme Parks and Activities

Operators of Theme Parks, Zoo’s and other activities such as Golf, SCUBA Diving or even renting a jet ski get little attention online, while over 68% of travelers plan their trips online booking of tourist activities has typically been buried in some Travel Agents brochure.

Unless your the official national Zoo Creating an identity can be near impossible, while guests staying in hotels in your area don’t even know you exist, until Pax Plus came along that is…


Pax Plus is a cloud based solution for operators of tourism related activities operators to manage bookings, ticket sales, resource allocations and online payments. As soon as you start using Pax Plus you will be able to take confirmed online bookings through the free website provided by GoToDo and through the GoToDo network such as the front desk or concierge of Hotels and Resorts and travel agents using Travel Agent Plus, all of which can sell your services separately or packaged with accommodation and/or transport.

Pax Plus is certainly the most advanced and cost effective way to promote your business with real pre-paid bookings.