Occupancy Plus

Occupancy Plus

Occupancy Plus is a powerful full featured property management system (PMS) that empowers Hotel, Resorts, Condotels, villa complexes and Hostels to professionally manage their room inventory, pricing, availability, promotions, cash and revenue management, reporting and much more while simultaneously gateway to hundreds of sales channels including OTA’s Travel Agents and even the Hotels Official Website.


Occupancy Plus is the worlds first cloud based PMS and has led the industry in deploying the worlds most advanced cloud solutions for the tourism industry. Coupled together with other tourism industry software applications to form the GoToDo network provides a link into the tourism industries most advanced eco system.

All major IT companies like IBM, Apple, Dell, Accenture and Intel have all committed to the future of cloud applications and heralded it as a safer, smarter and more economical way to do business.



To maximize your revenue, Occupancy Plus can manage all your sales channels from a single “bucket” of inventory. Just like our other products, we only make money when you do. We generate our profits only when we make confirmed bookings online, a true win-win value relationship. By simply entering the discounts you would normally give to travel agents and booking channels Occupancy Plus will take care of everything within your specific budget.


Occupancy Plus utilizes advanced technology that uses an interactive reservation system to increment your occupancy rate through building brand value and direct client relationships. This system can accept reservations in multiple ways from multiple sources, entered directly into the reservation database which makes it easier and more convenient for customers to handle their bookings and at the same time providing a sense of direct relationship with the hotel brand. Occupancy Plus will get rid of your traditional reservation’s inefficiencies since Occupancy Plus will do the work for you automatically and hassle free.


Front and back office, marketing, management, booking agents and hotel operators all use the system online. This allows secure access to hotel operations and management functions globally with the power to access external resources such as marketing channels. Manual allocation of rooms is no longer necessary since reservation of rooms can be made directly from the same pool as the hotel. This makes it easier for you to securely monitor and control every reservations made or set up rules to do all the management for you.



Occupancy Plus also includes an advanced Channel Management system that dynamically manages channels with better utilization of inventory and auto yield management according to predefined rules to easily protect and manage the hotels best interests and provides access to additional markets. By utilizing the power of cloud computing Occupancy Plus can keep more channels updated the way you want them to be updated.


Occupancy Plus will always ensure the most inventory at the best online price is published to the Hotels own website including promos, packages and seasonal rate changes. Consistency in rate management is critical to a keeping the good image of the Hotel and help to build the hotels brand value. Guests can make reservations online with instant confirmation protecting the Hotel from No-Shows and Late cancellations. All information such as room types, rates, promos, hotel features, services, house rules etc. can be changed on the hotels website in seconds by the hotel’s manager or owner.


Every Hotel website is accessible from mobile devices either through responsive web design or through an easy to use mobile website that provides all the key information and permits secure instant confirmed bookings. Mobile web bookings are on the increase and many hotels are experiencing 40% of their bookings from mobile devices.


GoToDo operates hundreds of travel websites all optimized to access different target markets providing the maximum coverage of potential guests. These authoritative websites contain the most up to date information bringing in more bookings.



With so many hobbyists putting up travel websites, your hotel could be named in many more places than you realize, this can be free promotion for the Hotel, however many of these websites are just dead ends for genuine guests trying to find a bookable hotel. GoToDo approaches these website owners and offers them and incentive to put links in their sites that go back to the hotels website to convert dead ends into real bookings.


Occupancy Plus provides limited allocation and real time coupon booking for vouchers purchased on group buying sites. No longer do hotels need to take hundreds of phone calls from guests that have purchased vouchers, let Occupancy Plus handle it all for you automatically.


Occupancy Plus also comes with an Agent Management System that enables authorized agents to know the latest information, newest rates and updated commissions upfront. Occupancy Plus then provides access to hotel contracted rates via Travel Agent Plus, a cloud based application for travel agents. All you have to do is define your contracted rates in Occupancy Plus and let the system do the rest. All travel agent bookings are secured by a deposit making a travel agent booking no more work to the hotel than a simple online booking. Of course the hotel can also set up travel agents in the system that have a direct relationship with the hotel.

Marketing your Hotel or Resort Property

Unlike our competitors we promote your property and your area as a desirable destination, instead of simply inserting ourselves into your existing bookings we actually take all the steps to bring more guests to your area and more guests to your hotel and all of this on a pay for performance basis so there is no investment required by the Hotel.


Occupancy Plus Plus ensures that you’re Hotel or Resort property gets the best position possible in organic search on all major search engines, this is achieved firstly by Search Engine Optimizing your new website to have the right density of key words, then by building links that are both authoritative and non-authoritative to improve the position of the site.


Occupancy Plus Plus comes with a Facebook application that installs directly into the Hotels Facebook page, allowing your Facebook fans and visitors to review your rooms, inventory, availability and even securely make a booking all from right there from your Facebook page.


Several days after checkout, guests of your Hotel will receive an email requesting them to review their experience in your hotel. Following the submission of the guest review the Hotel management can use Occupancy Plus Plus to respond to reviews and select the reviews that they would like to appear in the Hotels own website. These reviews will also form the basis of the guest rating figure of your Hotel.


Occupancy Plus Plus contains a powerful tool for Hotel Management to manage the email list of their former guests and contact them for the purpose of marketing special offers.


Create simple but stunning newsletters in Occupancy Plus Plus to email regular or occasional newsletters to your former guests, remember the easiest sale is to someone who has already purchased.


GoToDo works with TripAdvisor to promote your property, including monitoring reviews and engaging in paid advertising so that up to date rates and available inventory as well as direct secure bookings are available directly from the TripAdvisor website.


GoToDo Posts on Blogs and forums in order to promote your hotel property.


Where applicable, GoToDo uses Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising to promote your hotel or resort property into key search engine positions.

Just sign up on line and our implementation team will get you live and trained pronto. It really is very simple to learn and use.

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