Book Direct and Save

GOTO Plus provides the technology for you to book directly to Hotels, Resorts and Tourism Services.

Check in Fast

Don't you hate filling in registration cards even when you are a regular visitor?

with GOTO Plus direct access technology, you are in your room faster and with less hassle.

Manage Your Bookings

GOTO Plus technology allows you to directly access the hotels front desk system
to modify or cancel your own bookings.

Secure Payments

Protect your Credit Card with Certified Secure Payments

Even hotel staff cannot access your card information, be secure wherever you go

Be a Regular Guest Everywhere You GoTo!

With GOTO Plus technology, your preferences are stored and accessible by the Hotel on checkin.
Just like a regular guest, they know your special requests.


Google research shows that over 65% of travelers prefer direct bookings*

but how can you forge a direct relationship with hundreds of travel providers?

The answer is GOTO Plus a revolution in online travel services. By connecting together a network of service providers travelers get direct access to all types of travel and tourism providers such as accommodation, buses and shuttles, taxis, theme parks, restaurants, zoos, and much more, GOTO Plus takes advantage of the latest cloud technology to provide systems to these providers that gives travelers greater visibility, better prices and a direct relationship with the provider.

With GOTO Plus Travel Companion you can travel smarter with direct service bookings and managed customer services all linked together in one user friendly system. The Travel Companion also allows you to manage your bookings, payments and rewards from one place.

* The 2013 Traveler (c) Google

The Travel Companion

gotoplus-travel-companionManaging direct relationships with Hotels, Resorts, Theme Parks, activity providers, restaurants as well as Bus, Taxi and Limousine companies comes easy through the GOTO Plus Travel companion, no need to pay more for poor service through third party websites the GOTO Plus Travel Companion hooks you up directly.

Ever needed a printout of your hotel bill a year after you checked out? or even remembering the name of the hotel you stayed in last time you were in town, with the GOTO Plus Travel Companion its easy.

travel-companionHow about that special request for an extra pillow, don’t you wish all the hotels you stayed in automatically knew your special needs? the GOTO Plus Travel Companion delivers the best possible service that will keep you coming back!

Manage your bookings, payments, billing, reward points from one secure place while also receiving special offers only available to GOTO Plus members.

The GoToDo Travel Companion is simply the smartest way to manage your travel


About Us

about-usGOTO Plus is a leader in hospitality marketing with innovative cloud based technology that creates a tourism ecosystem. All our solutions are developed in house at our development center based in the Subic Bay Freeport, Philippines.

GOTO Plus is a service of the Subicom Group of Companies, originally founded in 1998 and with offices in The Philippines, The United States and Hong Kong. Subicom businesses mainly focused on internet faxing and telephony with credit card processing making the perfect transition into the development of Software as a Service (SaaS) applications with the opening of a development center in the Subic Bay Freeport in 2007.

The Subicom Group was foundered by David Porter, a veteran visionary of Microsoft, Nokia and Tata Corporations. David has provided the inspiration for market leading products like Occupancy Plus, the worlds first SaaS Hotel Property Management System which is now a part of the companies GOTO Plus offering.


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